Hello, I’m Jos Yeung

Jos is the first Certified Essentrics® instructor in South-east Asia. After suffering from years of lower-back pain she discovered Essentrics® when she visited Europe in 2014. Just one Essentrics® class loosened up her back and she walked out of the gym feeling taller and stronger. Since then, she’s been enthusiastically learning the techniques and feeling the benefits of regular Essentrics® practice. For her, what makes Essentrics® so powerful is that it provides a genuine full-body workout and leaves your muscles and joints feeling more relaxed and reinvigorated. And, because it’s low impact, it is suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels. An enthusiastic instructor, Jos is passionate about teaching the workout to as many people as she can in Hong Kong, so that they can feel the same benefits as she does when practising Essentrics®. For more information please visit www.essentricswithjos.com or www.facebook.com/essentricswithjos